18, Pregnant and Terrified But God Turned it All Around for Good-Tosin Dasilva

Meet Tosin

My name is Oluwatosin Da-Silva, I am the creative director of Mira Silva. I’m the mum of a 12 year old princess and the 1st of 4 children. I lost my dad at 11 and was raised by a strong woman. I went to Corona primary school, Queen’s college and later on I went ahead to study marketing in Babcock University. I am a lover of Christ and love to spend time in His presence. I also love to design, read novels and watch movies.

You talk about Jesus a lot, walk us through how you gave your life to Christ?

I gave my life to Christ when I was 18. I had just found out I was pregnant and in my stubbornness I wanted to have an abortion, but God being merciful made sure I didn’t have it. The doctor told me it was too late to remove it at 4 months and advised me to wait till I was 6 months pregnant, then I would be induced and deliver.

I had a flash back to my pastor’s warning during service of a person about to commit abortion dying and I just knew God loved me so much. So I went home, told my mum the next day and we cried and we prayed .The Sunday after that I gave my life to Christ

At some point you were a teenage mother. Please tell us about that season of your life

I had just finished secondary school when I became pregnant. I was terrified and thought I couldn’t handle it. When I gave my life to Christ I knew whatever came my way I could handle it. I am grateful for my family because they were very supportive after they got over the shock of the news. The pregnant season wasn’t a very easy season of my life because I had people turn their backs on me, call me names to my face and behind my back, rumors going on in my secondary school and such.

I’m grateful that my pregnancy was a healthy one. During my pregnancy season my mum enrolled me in Ginani Fashion school, it was where my flair for fashion was nurtured and I was able to be distracted from the negative effects of my pregnancy. The people at the fashion school were pretty protective of me so they looked out for me a lot and made sure I didn’t over do it.

When I had my baby God was faithful to provide all she needed and for the first 3 months I didn’t have to buy a thing for her. When she was 3 months I enrolled for GCE and JAMB classes and had to balance being a mum and being a student. I wanted to go to University of Lagos (UNILAG) but I didn’t pass English language in my GCE. My mum being very determined I complete my education made me sit for Babcock University exams. By God’s grace I got admission into Babcock University and my mum who was out of the country at that time came back to Nigeria and took responsibility for my daughter while I was at school. Between her and my siblings, my daughter had all she needed while I was away. It wasn’t an easy choice but I needed to complete my education and I finished with a strong 4 points CGPA in marketing.

What motivated you to still push through and achieve all your dreams?

God, my daughter and my family……. I know I can’t give up because I have someone looking up to me. When I feel discouraged God gives me rest then pushes me onward. It’s amazing how He doesn’t give up on me when I have given up on myself. I still have not achieved all my dreams but I’m grateful for the ones I’ve achieved by His help.

Tell us about how your business Mira Silva was birthed

When I enrolled into fashion school I knew I was meant to be a fashion designer but between school and being a mum I really didn’t put my all into designing till 2012. I carried my sewing machine to Idanre where I served and it began from there. After the compulsory youth service I got a job as a Sales representative in Jumia and fashion became a side hustle

In 2015, I became more confident about Mira and it became a full time business although it was officially registered in 2018

If you could give your teenage self advice, what would it be?

Hmmm. Focus on your books and not on boys, lol. Seriously though, my advice to teenagers is to not take themselves too seriously. You really don’t need to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, it’s cool to have the opposite sex as friends but don’t put pressure on yourselves by entering a relationship if you are not ready to marry the person.

Enjoy your youth. The fact that everyone is doing it doesn’t make it’s right or you should do it. It is very wise to be careful about the kind of friends you keep. Keep friends that will make you better and not make you worse. More importantly love yourself as God loves you. A lot of teenagers go through self esteem issues and its sad to watch when you see teens with so much value not recognise that they are worth it and valuable. So self love is overly important

What’s next for you and your business?

Personally, working on starting a ministry for young people struggling with emotional and sexual issues. Business wise, we are working towards building better structures for Mira Silva and expanding.


  1. Truly inspiring. God is the only one who turn a mess into a miracle. I saw Tosin November last year at FCMB. I introduced myself and she obviously couldn’t recognise me. So I said a hello, withdrew my cash and left. I’m happy for how God turned her life around.

  2. Touching and inspiring. Tosin was friends and coursemate with my roommate (Biola), I heard while I’m school that she has a daughter but never knew the story behind it. God bless you sis.

  3. Wow! What an inspiring story. The Lord God always demonstrates his love. God turned her mess to a message.
    Family support and hope were good ingredients in this story.
    Keep shining Tosin.

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